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Better Safe Than Surrey
Better Safe Than Surrey
Sale price: CAD25.00

Who else but Surrey Shirts would sell brand new T-shirts with holes in them?  This sinister design takes deadly aim at the shootings that are giving the CTY of SRY its dark reputation.  Wear this design as a warning about the gangster lifestyle or as a bold statement on gun violence in Surrey.

This controversial design and its warning about the gangster lifestyle attracted a cease-and-desist order from Surrey City Hall when it was first released.  With a record 25 homicides and the dubious title of "Canada's Murder Capital" for 2013, Surreyites need to pull together as a community

**Also available in a hoodie**


Customer Reviews

Review by  hepnersscum
(posted on Jan 06, 2016)
Love the t shirt Many + comments. Some take selfies!!
Review by  MH
(posted on Apr 29, 2015)
I noticed there's SIX bullet holes in this Surrey shirt..
Review by  Daniel
(posted on Nov 14, 2014)
I love the website and the shitrs look great. My only complaint is I am a large dude to be exact a 3xl or ever 4xl depending on the shirt kinda dude. You guys should make 1 size bigger hell I would be willing to pay a few dollars extra. I know there is others like me.
Review by  bloodclott
(posted on May 12, 2014)
Always have positive comments when I take a walk wearing my Surrey T shirts. Many take photos! (except Mayor Twatts!!)
Review by  outta Surrey
(posted on Apr 19, 2013)
I love this product. My son was held up at gun point at the old Rogers Video on 100th and 120th. He wears his shirt with pride, BACK IN EDMONTON!!!
Review by  Delta Boy
(posted on Feb 09, 2013)
Should have had these thirty years ago! Awesome!! Great commentary on crime in Surrey.
Review by  your mother
(posted on Feb 07, 2013)
Very cool idea. If only the design was nicer son...
Review by  CSW
(posted on Feb 07, 2013)
I love the Shirts, I was born and raised in Surrey!
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